Baby Season is Here!

Spring has finally sprung here in Toronto!!

For us at Critter Control of Toronto that means its baby season all over again! This time of the year its not uncommon for us to encounter mother raccoons with their babies in your attic, under a deck, in a shed, in your garage, in a window well, etc etc!!

We strive to use humane methods to quickly and safely remove raccoon mother and their babies from your property without prolonged separation. We love seeing raccoons leaving our customer's home with their young safe and sound. It brings a smile to our faces and most importantly, our customer!

Do you think you might have raccoons and their babies in your attic? Give us a call today and tell us about your situation.

If you choose to have Critter Control of Toronto visit your home to check your attic and remove the raccoons heres a few tips for our customers and ways they can help with the quick, safe, and humane removal of the raccoons:

  • Is your attic hatch in a closet thats filled with clothes? You may want to clear the clutter, odds are its going to get messy when we open the hatch!
  • Remain calm and quiet! We've got it under control! When we're in a tight attic looking for babies we need to keep a close eye on where the mother is. Excess noise can cause the mother to take off with a pup in her mouth, or even try to attack us!
  • Please stay clear from the removed babies after we depart! We usually place the raccoon babies in a box on a roof near the entry point. This keeps them away from humans and gives the mother a safe opportunity to relocate her young. However not every situation is the same! If we have to position the babies at ground level its important to not handle the babies, and stay away from the returning mother! We want our customers to remain safe and also reduce the risk of abandoned babies.

We look forward to helping all of our customers this upcoming season, give us a call today and let us provide you with professional raccoon removal services.